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Love Your Life
Counseling and Life Coaching

Do you want to stop feeling unappreciated in your 


Are you tired of fighting and feeling resentful?

Let us help you have the relationship you want,

where you feel loved and respected, like a partner.


At Love Your Life Counseling, we specialize

in two things:

  • helping you heal your relationships

  • stopping substance use.

You don't have to go it alone

  • if you are struggling with addiction, we can give

     you the tools needed to stop.


Instead of just hoping things will be different,

let us help you love the life you are living


Heal your pain by  working one on one with a counselor to address your needs and work towards your goals. 


Stop your resentful and hurt feelings with couple and family sessions.  These are used when you have something to work on, together.  


We offer specialized group sessions related to relationships and addictions.


Marriage Masters Group

Marriage Masters_edited.jpg

Join us for a 6-week program that helps you learn the skills needed to have a happy, healthy, loving relationship.

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